‘We are all connected’ vs ‘We are one’

22 May ‘We are all connected’ vs ‘We are one’

‘We are all connected’ vs ‘We are one’ There is a interesting perception of reality floating around spiritual circles, yoga centres etc at present. Ive continued to notice its recurrence for a while now. It is comes through in the following statement: We are all connected to each other. While this true, energetically speaking, it is not the end of the story. It actually maintains a misbelief that in fact we are not actually each other (I am you, you are me), but just connected to each other by energy. This is a watered-down version of unity. In the completely unified state, it becomes apparent to the individual, he or she is no longer separate from anything else, but actually IS the one being. While individual self still exists on one level, on another there is simple no self or all self. The mind can not fathom this state of no self or all self. When I focus my attention on this state, instantly shakti begins to burst through my body and crown. The no self state, complete transcendence, is actually a higher vibration than the vision that we are simply all connected. A scientist will tell you we are all connected and on a material/energy level this is true, but the truly liberated mystic takes his consciousness to another dimension of experience – that is to the one, indistinguishable self or no self. When looking for a teacher of truth, in terms of the highest vibration possible, one needs to identify those that can understand this deeper reality beyond the simple statement we are simply all connected. It will only take you so far. My own spiritual teacher of over a decade, Isira Sananda is aware of the profundity of the one self that we are and I thus recommend her wholeheartedly to all beings wishing to accelerate their consciousness and take themselves beyond the limited understanding that is “we are simply all connected”. There is very much so a state beyond this, the human mind is not capable of explaining it in words but it can be felt and experienced.

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