Soular Eclipse

Soular Eclipse (2015)

by Leon Lester 

Digital Artwork

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Right-wing Australian Parties and Think tanks have finally put their heads together to produce a new Australian Aboriginal Flag. This flag, while taking its inspiration from the original Australian Aboriginal Flag, has been redesigned to now include the symbolism of a Solar Eclipse. The previous Australian Aboriginal Flag that it is to replace was designed in 1971 by Aboriginal artist Harold Thomas, who gave the yellow circle the symbolism of the Sun as the giver of life and protection. The Right wing organisations have decided it would be more appropriate that the yellow sun is seen to be fully eclipsed by the moon. For this design their creative team drew on their esoteric knowledge of astrology that states that a full solar eclipse generally signifies a number of things including death, loss, upheavel, war, disease and public disorder. The creators have nicknamed it “Soular Eclipse” as a reference to the lack of soul level awareness of the current oppressors of the Australian Aboriginal people who continue to ensure that the quality of life of Aboriginal people is one of the worst on the planet with half as many Aboriginal Australians reaching 65 as do people in Bangladesh.