Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus (2021)

Digital Artwork
Leon Lester

This is artwork depicts a long-held astrological knowing that men currently on earth exhibit energies of the planet Mars far more than women who tend to more easily exhibit the energies of the planet Venus. The reason for this is simple when you understand the energies that are associated with each of these planets. Mars was said to be the God of war in ancient cultures and manifests the male energies of aggression, bodily activity, courage, action, anger, and the physicality of sex in human consciousness. Venus on the other hand was said to be the Goddess of love and beauty in ancient cultures and manifests the energies of love, beauty, art, balance and pleasure in human consciousness. The astrological symbol for Mars is a depiction of a circle with an arrow emerging from it which is said to be a shield and spear. The astrological symbol for Venus is a circle with a cross below it and is said to be the Goddess Venus’s necklace. This artwork places the Mars symbol in the location of a man’s base chakra (red)
and uses the spear contained in the symbol to signify his phallus. It is attempting to convey the kind of sexual activity that many men are drawn to, that is, sex restricted only to the use of the base chakra and lower-minded vibrations.