Sacred Flag of Israel (2020)

Metal and Cotton

Leon Lester

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(As seen on Bondi Beach, Australia)

Sacred Flag of Israel is an updated version of the current flag of Israel designed to reflect more precisely the history of the region and the sacred geometry that is used in the flag.
The origins of the Star of David stem from the sacred geometry that is said to have originated in Ancient Egypt when Aliens landed on earth and brought with them the intrinsic teachings of the scientific structure of the Universe. While the Aliens built marvels like the Pyramids, it is said they also encapsulated the most significant teachings in what came to be known as the Ark of the covenant, a chest containing tablets on which sacred knowledge was transcribed. It is argued that this chest was removed from Egypt and later came to be stored in Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, Israel before it was destroyed. One of the most significant understandings said to be held in the Ark was the structure of the energy field of the physical world represented by the star tetrahedron. A star tetrahedron, also called a Merkaba in Ancient Egypt is now being shown by Science to perfectly describe the arrangement of physical matter. The most common arrangement of the Water molecule is in the geometric shape of the Star Tetrahedron for instance. The Star Tetrahedron can also be seen as the three dimensional depiction of the Star of David, the symbol of Judaism. The Scared Flag of Israel is thus a version of the Israeli flag that is designed to better reflect the sacred geometry behind the Star of David as well as the physical world that is now being revealed by Science and that which also has its origins in Ancient Egypt.