God Speed (2019) 

by Leon Lester

Metal and Plastic

3m x 60cm x 20cm


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While spiritual psychics, seers and sages have long claimed to be able to see the future and the timing of events, only recently has science been actually able to show that the human body does respond to events before they actually occur. Researchers from the HeartMath Institute have showed this with their work on Intuition and the heart. They found the heart is able to anticipate future events before they actually occur with an observed latency of at least 6 seconds until the event occurs. By tracking the heart rate variability and heart rhythm, the researchers found that these significantly varied depending on when and what event occurred next. They also found when tracking the exchange of neural information between the heart and brain, the heart was responding to the stimulus before the brain and then delivering that information to the brain and not the other way around.