Signpost for the Universe (2017)

By Leon Lester

Steel and Plastic

5m x 3m x 3m


This artwork is designed to bring to the viewers attention the increasingly likelihood that the universe is in fact infinite, extending forever in space and time as confirmed by recent observations made in the field of Astrophysics.
Using one of the world’s widest angle telescopes in New Mexico, USA, astrophysicists have in recent years complied the most accurate map ever of the universe. From this map they have deduced that the universe is most likely infinite given the constraint of not being able to see faster than the speed of light. This concurs with other scientific evidence that has confirmed that while the Big Bang might mark the beginning of the observable Universe as we know it, it doesn’t mark the birth of space and time itself.
The observations made by scientists of the infinite nature of humnaity’s outer world are mirrored by the obersvations made by yogis, mystics and englightened masters of the human inner world. Using meditation techniques these people have experienced an inner world that is without end or beginning, a consciousness that is described as infinte in terms of space and time. It seems that the more science progresses, the closer it comes to confirming the utimate picture of an infinite reality that yogis and mystics have long been aware of.