Virgin Forest (2015)

by Leon Lester

Digital Artwork

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The official flag of Kiribati, a island nation in the central Pacific Ocean is red in the upper half with a gold frigatebird flying over a gold rising sun and the lower half is blue with three horizontal wavy white stripes to represent the ocean and the three Island groups (Gilbert, Phoenix and Line Islands). Tragically, Kiribati and the three islands that compromise of this nation are disappearing and in grave danger of completely vanishing in the near future. The land mass that makes up Kiribati is rapidly being engulfed by the rising sea levels caused by climate change. The country’s leaders have called for aid and have appealed directly to the Australian people to act. This artwork displays the Kiribati flag with its three islands totally submerged under the sea. It is designed to raise public awareness of the tragedy that is unfolding for Kiribati and its people if Australia and the World doesn’t act extremely quickly to curb the effects of rising sea levels and climate change.