Mars Earth

by Leon Lester

Digital Artwork

The planet Mars in Western Astrology symbolises drive, ambition, competition, war and male energy. Mars, from physical observation is red, dry and unfriendly toward life as we know it on Earth. In fact with little atmosphere, and no ozone layer, on Mars there is less protection from the ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sun, which is very harmful to life. This is similar to situations on Earth when living things are exposed to high concentrations of UV rays which produce “sunburn”; this is of greater concern in areas where there is a “hole” in the ozone layer, allowing increased levels of UV penetration to the surface. I will produce a huge inflated Earth, however, it will not have the normal blue hue. This Earth, with all the land continents still recognisable, will be coloured in the same way as Mars. It has been transformed to the point where it has taken on the characteristics of Mars, it has been overwhelmed by male energy, ambition, competition and war and the feminine energy which has kept the scared balance for life to flourish on this Earth has been eradicated.