by Leon Lester

Digital Art

While being a workaholic has been show to cause many health problems, many of the leaders of industry contend that is absolutely necessary for economy success. Chinese billionaire and co-founder of the online shopping giant Alibaba, Jack Ma has argued for a 9am to 9pm working day, and a six-day week. Jack Ma’s backing for the so-called “996 system” is being hotly debated in the Chinese media.
Mr Ma wrote that without the system, China’s economy was “very likely to lose vitality and impetus”. Mr Ma called the opportunity to work 996 hours a “blessing”.
Workaholism has been shown to cause a number of health problems. Firstly mental health can be affected because workaholism negatively affects your brain through a prolonged stress reaction. The endless pressure caused by a severe work schedule leads to irritability, depression, and anxiety. Nervous system damage and insomnia are also common.
Extreme work habits can also damage your lungs and heart, especially if you already have health conditions such as asthma or cardiovascular issues. The increased breathing and heart rate associated with a stress response can take a huge toll, leaving you open to future complications like heart attack or stroke. The chronic stress of being a workaholic may seriously weaken your immune system leading to more sick days and less productivity.
Poor nutrition is also common with workaholics often using coffee and energy drinks to increase focus in the short term but resulting in a negative affect on the brain, often leading to headaches or high blood pressure.