No Separation

Leon Lester

Acrylic on canvas
152 x 122cm


This abstract painting depicts the phenomenon known to both quantum physics and spiritual mysticism that separation between everything in the universe, while appearing real on one dimension, is ultimately an illusion. Quantum physics is the science of the very small. It is the body of scientific principles that explains the behaviour of matter and its interactions with energy on the scale of atoms and subatomic particles. In 1935, Albert Einstein and his coworkers discovered what was called quantum entanglement within the equations of quantum mechanics. This lead to the establishment of the EPR paradox by Einstein, Poldolsky and Rosen. The EPR paradox stated that the only ways of explaining the effects of quantum entanglement was to assume the universe is nonlocal. What nonlocality means is that events occurring to entangled objects are linked even when the events cannot communicate through space and time. Einstein coined this phenomenon ‘Spooky action at a distance’ to describing how entangled quantum particles seem to interact with each other instantaneously, over any distance, breaking the speed of light and thus relativity. In 2011, Nicolas Gisin at University of Geneva was one of the first humans to witness that very thing, a form of communication that went beyond the realm of space and time. Spiritual Mysticism has long understood that everything is connected energetically as one and space and time are illusions simply produced by the unenlightened state of awareness. There have been and are many Enlightened Masters who have realised this enlightened state of awareness through yogic practices such as meditation. Historically, they include the Buddha, Jesus Christ and Krishna. In the present day, such individuals include spiritual teachers Eckhart Tolle, Isira Sananda and Osho. This artwork attempts to give the viewer a depiction of the phenomenon of no separation and illusion of space and time. When observed close up, the bands appear as individualised and separate colours .However, from a more distant perspective, the bands being to merge into an inseparable oneness. This is exactly how Einstein observed how quantum entanglement works. There is a ‘Spooky action at a distance’ meaning when particles are observed at a distance they appear to be connected regardless of the parameters of space and time. Spiritual mysticism and the experience of Enlightened Masters exactly concurs with this understanding, that everything is in fact energy that exists together as one, independent of space and time.