Indigenous Flower of Life

by Leon Lester

Acrylic on canvas

3.0cm (D) x 77.0cm (H) x 77.0cm (W) 3 kg

This artwork is a depiction of the flower of life using the Aboriginal dot painting technique. The flower of life is a major symbol of sacred geometry that is a representation of ancient spiritual beliefs and depicts fundamental aspects of space and time. The flower of life, while not a traditional aboriginal symbol as far as known history can tell us, has some links to the Aboriginal lore and ancient wisdom. 
Actual representations of the flower of life can be found in Egypt, China, Israel, Japan, India, Turkey, Italy, and Spain. 
Within, Aboriginal lore one can see that for the Aboriginal people there was an essential unity and harmony between humans, the land and the world of formlessness, or spirit. Aboriginals could recognise a oneness of person, body, spirit, ghost, shadow, name, spirit site and totem.
 The symbol of The Flower of Life is the blueprint of all creation and is a visual representation of the unity in Nature and on every level of life. In this sense, Aboriginal life and lore embodied the consciousness that is symbolised by the flower of life , that is, on the energy level, the level beneath material form, all is one.