One-pointed meditation (2015)
by Leon Lester
Acrylic on canvas
120 x 120cm
One of the main techniques of meditation training is called ‘one-pointed concentration’ where one returns attention again and again to a fixed, relatively unchanging object without surrender to concurrent stimuli. One might choose an object that one finds attractive: the centre of a beautiful artwork, a flower, a candle, a photograph of a spiritual master. By giving oneself a single focus point, one begins to disengage from one’s identification with one’s thoughts generating the ability to see while being awake to the fact that seeing is taking place and generating ‘one-pointed awareness’ which deepens one’s ability to see beyond the surface of things to their energetic or spiritual essence. This deepened awareness has been cultivated by Enlightened Yogi’s including the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Krishna and results in the discovery that all things are energy and arise from the same one infinite source. In truth, everything is contained in everything, the infinitely large is contained in the infinitely small. The entire universe is contained in the smallest particle. Science is now catching up to this notion, principally through the work of Physicist Nassim Haramein whose recent scientific paper called The Schwarzschild Proton marks a new paradigm shift in the world of quantum theory, as it describes the nuclei of an atom as a mini black hole, where protons are attracted to each other by gravitation rather than some mysterious undefined strong force which had been previously thought by Physicists to explain the structure of the atom. With The Schwarzschild Proton paper, Haramein presents evidence that the proton could be considered as a black hole and that such a system predicts extremely well, even with rudimentary approximations using semi-classical mechanics, its interaction time, its magnetic moment, its radiation emissions, even the origin of the strong force as a gravitational component. The Schwarzschild proton strongly suggests that matter at all scales may be organized by black holes and black hole-like phenomena and thereby lead to unification of the the physics of the very small and the physics of the very large. Furthermore, Haramein, also extends previous spherical interactive wave models, by proposing a universe of galactic, stellar, planetary, cellular, molecular, atomic and particulate ‘wholes’ that are concurrently dynamically rotating white holes radiating electromagnetic energy infinitely outward from their centers balanced equally by dynamic black holes collapsing gravitationally infinitely inward through that same center. This perfect balance of electromagnetic energy and gravity in all universal objects of all size levels, from the micro to the macro including the universe itself, allows us to see all objects as continually and dynamically re-creating themselves in the zero point energy field. This completely negates the need to introduce the strong and weak nuclear forces, dark matter and dark energy, all of which Haramein argues were invented to fit into the gaps left by the previous models. Why this theory ties in with the realisation of Enlightened Yogi’s is because the nature of the black hole is that it is a region where matter has collapsed in on itself. This catastrophic collapse results in a infinitely large amount of mass being concentrated in an infinitely small point. The gravitational pull of this region is so great that nothing can escape – not even light and space and time no longer appear to exist. This is precisely how Enlightened Yogi’s see reality. It is seen as energy arising from one infinite source completely unconfined by space and time, where everything is contained in everything, where there is no you or me, or beginning or end.

One-Pointed Meditation 1